The Gujarat Forest and Environment Department has appealed to the people to take adequate measures for the protection of birds and animals during the forthcoming Uttarayan festival. Principal Secretary of the department S K Nanda has requested the people not to use twines made of plastic or any other synthetic material as these could contain iron and glass dust. "The use of manja threads — made of plastic or synthetic material — during the kite festival, causes injury to birds and humans. It is our duty to protect the birds, including vultures, which are on the verge of extinction," Nanda said in his statement on Saturday. He requested the people to avoid flying kites at dawn and dusk as the birds are present in large numbers in the sky at these hours. He said the state government has set up collection centres for treating the injured birds with the help of voluntary organisations and NGOs. A helpline has also been started for the people to provide the centres with inform about any bird injury during the kite festival, Nanda said. Manja twines are made by coating threads with a mixture of glue, fine powdered glass and synthetic colour for flying fighter kites. 'Makarsankranti' or 'Uttarayan' falls on the 14th of this month.
God loved the birds and created trees, humans loved the birds and created cages
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