If a citizen does not vote, then they will not have a say in their government. If they do not have a say in how the government, an institution built for their welfare and security, then they are defying the definition of a democracy. 

A democracy requires people to have a say in what is happening, but if people do not take interest, then they simply do not have a say.
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WHAT IS YOUR QUESTION? search Question SECONDARY SCHOOL ENGLISH 20+10 PTS Essay on Why Exercising the Right to Vote is a Citizen’s Fundamental Duty by Span4Abhiramik 09.12.2015 Ask for details Follow Report ANSWERS Answers 1 Avatar of rishilaugh Rishilaugh Administrator Voting is a recognized manifestation of inclination for a contender for an administrative center or for a recommended determination of a matter. Voting mostly occurs in the background of an extensive countrywide or local election; yet, native and limited public elections can be just as precarious to singular contribution in administration. The Worldwide Pronouncement of Human Rights implemented consistently by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948, identifies the vital part that obvious and uncluttered elections perform in guaranteeing the fundamental right to partaking government. Every person has the privilege of one and the same right of entry to public service in their country. While the fortitude to vote is extensively accepted as a necessary human right, this privilege is not effusively obligatory for lots of persons across the globe. C