Dialogue between two neighbors when they meet at market place:

sharika: hello, good morning sarangi! how are you doing? / how are you?
Sarangi: oh, hello...  good morning to you too... i'm doing fine, thank you  and what about you?
Sharika: fine, thanks. so what are looking for?
sarangi: looking for rice... a good quality one, you know.... these days we really can't trust any shop keepers. and more than that today is Sunday and the market place being crowded, we won't know if they are cheating or not....
i'm just checking the quality of this rice.
sharika: i see... why not buy India gate? it is of  good quality and you can very well trust it because it's mechanically and hygienically well packed.
sarangi: i see no point in refusing your suggestion... i'll better buy that............ but.... do you think it'll be available over here, in this market?
sharika: i don't think so .. not over here but there's a reliable shop when go straight from here and turn left.. i'll take you there. come let's go there.
sarangi: thank you so much fro your help... i was really in need purchasing a very good brand and of less cost... and u are here to help me now
sharika: you're always welcome! yes in that shop you get everything for less cost than when you buy from other shops....(and they both go to the shop together)
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