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My name is Babatunde, the third child of my parents. My father is a polygamist and married two wives. My mother, popularly known as Mama Blessing (because the fourth child which is the last child is Blessing), is the first wife while the second wife is Iya Pelumi. 

Iya Pelumi sends me on errands and usually makes me do the work I am not supposed to do but because I am a Christian (even though my father is a Muslim) and I read my Bible often and my Bible says we should honour our father and mother. So, I deem it fit to obey her because if I don't, it is a sin and it is not good to commit sins.

Some years back, Pelumi and I attended the same school and we always came home together. Pelumi was a bad boy and infamous at school and always took the last position in his class. Iya Pelumi envied me because I was brilliant and she always did all she could to bring me down but I prayed to God and told Him to arise on my situation and take control and God answered my prayers through what happened the next day.

The next day, when Pelumi and I got home, we met two covered plates of food. One was pounded yam and okra while the other was pounded yam and vegetable soup. I chose first because I was one year older than Pelumi. So, I chose the pounded yam and vegetable soup. As I served myself ready to eat, I remembered I was to buy some things at the supermarket at the next bus-stop because Iya Pelumi would soon be back from her place of work. So, I ran down to the supermarket to buy the things.

When I got home, to my greatest surprise, I met Pelumi comfortably settling with my food, eating it with delight and when I confronted him, he shouted at me telling me that he wanted the pounded yam and vegetable soup. I was
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                                                   A Blessing in disguise 
once a  excursion was arranged by a school to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Two students Arjun and Abdul studying in the same class registered their names for the trip.When the students reached the place after a few days they explored half of the Island. When they had left after sight-seeing that area Arjun had gone to an old palace near to the Old Harbor and Abdul also followed him.By that time the teachers started to worry.While Abdul and Arjun was exploring the palace it had begun to darken. While they were walking around a lighting flashed into the palace and in the light of the lightning they saw that they were almost about to fall into a deep chasm.They were terrified and ran for their lives to the bus stop and got a nice lecture from the teacher but they were happy that they reached home safely.
MORAL : whatever is being done now is for your own good in disguise.