being rich is really not a gift from god.god give as wealth to help the others who is poor.i had some friends who were  working with our leisure time we used to move to any restaurents for food. i was really shocked to see the way they order for food....numbers of food items will be there infront of them and they  never ate it completely they ate only 1 or 2 spoons from a dish.....i found many beggars who asked for food outside the restaurent.i use to take all the leftover food and gave it to those that time they used to make fun of me....
this is what happening with all the rich people....they are not thinking of others who die of hunger.the find it easy to waste food....they are not understanding  others they become selfish in their life. there will be no poor in our society if alll the rich one tries to help them.....we are responsible for the poor..sometimes we often used to curse the one who extend their hands to us in need of food or money.this way of thinking is really bad...we should try to think better for a better world...all need food....wasting is like throwing away the food of a poor man we all should take care.