Mystery is mostly based on detectives investigating crimes so think of a few books you have read and games you have played and try the speech again. If you ar e from NCS Goa hi I am Andreas from class 8-C
Mystery is a word that refers to something that cannot be explained or comprehended. Any action affair or event so obscure or concealed as to arouse suspense, curiosity is a mystery. After the mystery is unraveled we feel so relieved in the nerves, happy in the mind and satisfied in heart, but sometimes mystery can also cause some trouble as it is so excited people even face Heart Attack due to the stress on the nervous system. Mystery make a thrilling atmosphere as there are no solution that exist. Forr example:- we don't know much about the black Hole a black hole is a place in space were gravity pulls so much that is a light cannot get out of it we can't get reasons for it. In Bermuda Triangle in Atlantic Ocean it is still a mystery the reasons for the mishaps of the aeroplanes and ships in that area are still unknown.Conclusion:- We need to be systematic logical knowledgeable wise and energetic to be Heroes of solving mysteries.
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