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Bacteria are grouped in a number of different ways. Most bacteria are of one of three typical shapes—rod-shaped (bacillus), round (coccus, e.g., streptococcus), and spiral (spirillum). An additional group, vibrios, appear as incomplete spirals. The cytoplasm and plasma membrane of most bacterial cells are surrounded by a cell wall; further classification of bacteria is based on cell wall characteristics
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Characteristics of Bacteria are:
i) They can be of different shapes: rod shaped, round shaped,spiral, vibrio or in chain form.
ii) They are surrounded by a cell wall.
iii) They carry out their locomotion with help of flagella.
iv) Bacteria can be aerobic (need oxygen) or anaerobic ( do not need oxygen)

Examples of bacteria are:
Escherichia coliStreptococcusLactobacillus etc.

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