SportsSoccer is a popular sport in Saudi Arabia.Saudi Arabia
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Al-Mamlaka al-Arabiya as-Saudiya
The government is based on the sacred law of Islam. 
The chief government and religious official of Saudi Arabia is the King. 
The current king is King Abdullah .
Saudi Arabia occupy's most of the Arabian Peninsula.Capital: Riyadh
National Language: Arabic
99% Islam mainly Sunni
1% OtherAnimalsArabian Camel 
The Dromedary has one hump.
Facts about Dromedary CamelsArabian HorseArabian oryx a grazing antelope.
ClimateExtreme heat and excessively dry are characteristic of
most of Saudi Arabia.
LandMore than half the area of Saudi Arabia is desert.Eastern Saudi Arabia is flat and low-lying, an area of salt flats. Its main geographical feature is the gigantic Al-Hasa oasis .MakeBread
Baking bread is a popular craft in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.