Your friend lives with his grandparents who are unwell. He reaches school late because he needs to help them in morning. He is frequently penalised by the
teachers. Discuss with your partner. what you could to assist your friend ? and how he could resolve to situation?



Maybe he  can get a letter from his grandparents to the teacher sayingthat he will be a little late every day as he his grandparents are unwell.

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Person 1 : I think that the the student should talk to his/her teachers about his problem .

Person 2 : Yes i agree to it as the teachers will understand the situation better and will device him a suitable solution .

Person 1 : Moreover i can help him by assisting him and his grandparents in this difficulty .

Person 2 : He could take leave from school for some days till his grandparents get well .

Hope It Helped !

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