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How to Clean Up Your Workspace for 2016by Classy Career Girl on January 11th, 2016Everyone loves to lose weight and I discovered where most working women are hiding their extra pounds. Extra weight slows you down and you don’t want that as a talented, focused woman. Where are those hidden pounds … Read More7 Ways to Land a Job With Twitterby Classy Career Girl on January 10th, 2016Think LinkedIn is the only social media platform for job searchers? Think again. Twitter is becoming one of the best social media sites to land a job. This article will teach you exactly how to integrate Twitter into … Read MoreA Cautionary Tale: Beware the Pressby The Harbus on January 9th, 2016HBS Professor Kevin Sharer, former CEO of Amgen, shares his insights on how to approach and handle the press. Sometime in your career and perhaps much earlier than you now imagine, you will find yourself working with the … Read MoreA Practical Guide to LinkedIn Profile Successby Classy Career Girl on January 8th, 2016Most people could be utilizing LinkedIn SO MUCH MORE! If you have only just made sure your LinkedIn profile looks good and that is all, there are many career and business opportunities just waiting for you! You can get … Read More4 Critical Questions to Ensure a New Job in 2016by Classy Career Girl on January 7th, 2016Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to get a new job this year? If so, bravo! Also: You aren’t alone. The one problem? The vast majority of people who make this resolution will still be stuck in the same job in … Read More2 Tiny Mindset Shifts to Land Your Dream Jobby Classy Career Girl on January 6th, 2016In order to be successful in finding your dream job, you need to learn both the things you can see—like how to update a resume, create a LinkedIn profile, create a business plan and nail an interview—and the … Read MoreYou’re Moving and Need a Job. Here’s What to Do!by Classy Career Girl on January 5th, 2016When I was younger, I had dreams of moving to New York City or even moving to Europe to work. But the hard part about moving is you need a job in the new city. I often speak with women who have dreams of moving to … Read More4 Steps to Find a Job Onlineby Classy Career Girl on January 3rd, 2016Most people waste time doing online job searches. Our goal is to make the most of what little time you have. We want to help you find a job online fast. Here are the proven steps find a job and get job offers through … Read More3 Ways to Fix Perfectionismby Classy Career Girl on January 1st, 2016Believing you have to be perfect is a barrier to your goals and life fulfillment. In fact, perfectionism will instead set you up for failure since you’ll spend your days chasing something that doesn’t exist. … Read More10 Mindset Mantras for 2016by Classy Career Girl on December 31st, 2015As we head into the new year, it’s important that your mindset is right. It’s time to get rid of the negative thoughts and experiences that didn’t push us forward and weren’t good for us in 2015 and instead move … Read MoreImprovise Better in 5 Stepsby Classy Career Girl on December 30th, 2015I’ve got to be honest, writing this scared me a little. Why? Because I don’t “improvise.” When I give a presentation, I write out each word I am going to say, memorize it and practice it over. What usually … Read MoreDoes Traveling Impact Your Career?by Classy Career Girl on December 29th, 2015So, you finished your education and are ready to move into the professional world? Maybe you’ve decided what you want your career to be or maybe you want to dabble in a few paths and decide which is best. I encourage … Read More5 Easy Steps to Start an Online Businessby Classy Career Girl on December 28th, 2015You did it. You just had your ‘ah-ha’ moment; your first online business idea. Even better, it’s a completely online—work from home—type of business idea!  Let your feelings about this new idea soak in and … Read MoreHow to Get into the Tech Industryby Classy Career Girl on December 27th, 2015On the 20th of November, I had the chance to attend Office Hack, a one-day event comprised of office tours, leadership panels and networking mixers that changed my future career direction. This great event was geared