Your friend has a hearing disability. She is teased by her classmates & is hurt & annoyed by their behaviour. You feel that the matter has to be addressed before it become serious & affects her deeply. Discuss with your partner-

1. How you can help your friend.
2. How you should addressed the matter.



We can help her by proving this to her that she is not different from the other children by saying her that she eats with normal children she plays with normal children and she studies with normal children. ; we address the matter by reporting it to the principal.
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1) In such a situation, I'll help my friend by telling her about her abilities and specialties that others do not have and also there is some or the other disability in everyone and I'll suggest my friend to not pay attentions towards her classmates and ignore them, but if the issue reaches the top then she'll have to report about the problem to her class teacher,parents and the head/principal of her school.
2) I'll ask my friend to tell about the matter to her school head. 
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