Dissolved solids cannot be separated by churning. Solid colloidal particles can be separated from the liquid medium through churning. This process is called centrifugation.
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A method and apparatus for use in cleaning and refilling an aquarium tank and including an elongated flexible hose, a gravel tube including an upper end connected to one end of the flexible hose, and a lower end adapted to be immersed in the aquarium tank such that the lower end is adjacent the bottom of the aquarium tank. The gravel tube has a diameter substantially larger than the diameter of the elongated flexible hose. A faucet pump is provided for connecting the other end of the elongated flexible hose to a faucet. The faucet pump functions to cause selective and alternative flow of water from the aquarium tank through the gravel tube and the elongated flexible hose to the drain wherein gravel is churned in the gravel tube and sediment is separated from the gravel and carried away with the water to the drain. The faucet pump can then cause a reverse flow of water from the faucet to the aquarium tank for refilling the aquarium tank.
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