Find the cost of watering a trapezoidal field whose parallel sides are 10 m and 25 m respectively, the perpendicular distance between them is 15 cm and the rate of watering is rs 4 per meter square.
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the distance between the sides is 15cm or 15m
Rupees is the currency of INDIA
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Considering the distance between parallel sides (h) = 15 METERS
Let one parallel side of the trapezoid be `a` = 10m
Another parallel side be `b` = 25m
The height that is the distance between the parallel sides = 15m
Area = [(a+b)/2]h
        =  [(10+25)/2 × 15] m²
        =  [35/2 × 15] m²
        =  [17.5 × 15]m²
        =  262.5 m²
Cost of watering one m² area = Rs 4
Cost of watering 262.5 m² area = Rs 1050
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A =  \frac{a + b}{2} h\\A= \frac{10 m+25m}{2}h\\A= \frac{35m}{2}  15m\\A=17.5m(15m)\\A=262.5m^2
 {262.5m^2}({4m^2}) = Rs 1050

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