Monuments and buildings of the past are the beauty of our country.They are the national heritage of the country.

1)what other problems do you think this would cause?
* People from foreign countries will say that India is a very untidy country and its citizen does not love their own country.
The beauty of our country will soon be lost if people continues to destroy the beautiful monuments and buildings present in India.
Foreigners would no more come to India to see its monuments.If they don't come then the companies related to tourism would suffer great loss.

2)How would your reaction be?
* I think if i see someone scribbling on the walls of historical monuments , I would turn red hot with anger.I will stop them there and there.I will tell them that they are doing a very wrong thing and make them realise their mistake.If they tries to argue with me , I will just go to the security of that place I complain to them about all this.

3)How can i create awareness regarding such things?
* Well , I will tell the people in charge of that place to put up boards in which will be written that scribbling is strictly prohibited.There should also be guards at places where there are chances that people may scribble.

4)what role students can play ?
Students can stop people if he or she sees anyone scribbling on the walls of the monuments during their visit to the monuments.They can even post mssage in the social networking sites.
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