As a pedestrian, we should cross roads only when the light for pedestrian crossing is on. Wherever possible, we should use zebra crossings to cross the roads. We should walk on footpath and should refrain from jaywalking.  If we use public transportation, like buses, we should board the bus at the bus stop only. We should get down from the bus only when it has completely come to a standstill. Taking out hands and head from the windows may result in injuries; hence we should refrain from that. While riding bicycles or two-wheelers, we should wear all the necessary safety gears like helmets. As drivers, we should obey the speeding limits and should not over-speed to reach our destination. Who hasn’t read a board randomly places on the roads saying – “It is better late than never”?  We should obey the traffic rules and should be responsible for the pedestrian crossing too. It is a driver’s responsibility to keep his/her vehicle in a proper condition (eg take care of brakes, engines etc.) so that any failure in the machinery might not result in a mishappening. 

It is essential for each one of us to follow traffic rules and stay alert on roads in order to make roads a safer place. As the saying goes –“Prevention is better than cure”. Road safety should be taught in school. When giving driving license, there should be a proper test to check the candidate’s awareness regarding traffic rules and signals. Media should also increase awareness regarding the need of road safety. Only when everyone joins their hands, we can prevent accidents and reach our destinations safely and happily.
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