no one knew India has the largest youth than any other country which means a huge power of ignition ... every young man could achieve something in his life but self exploration is important and  we people are not exploring ourselves and just pulling our life till the should mention nation's  greatest man ever Dr. APJ Abdul kalam who strived for the betterment of youth in India and tried to put them in right path.. must take him as an inspiration..We must unite to CHANGE to change ourselves, our society, our nation, our world ...We must CHANGE for A NEW WORLD and this change should come from me must be ur feeling because this world is too much fast to blame others because EVERYTHING BEGINS WITH ONE!! that one must be u and that you must come from your heart !! this will surely bring out change in one guy at least and that guy is responsible for others and the chain goes on! ..We see many people say we r youth but what u did for the country??? for the world being a human we must do something.. so let's change for a new world..

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Democracy (by meaning) is government through chosen persons. It is a type of social order which approves the same rights, independence of communication and an evenhanded assessment and puts up with the opinions of sub-groups (the minorities.) It is obvious that free press is the foundation of democracy and performs a dynamic part in any democratic civilization. It does so by permitting the accessible give-and-take of data and thoughts among commonplace people, commerce, civilian organizations, administrative groups, and administrations. Unrestricted and accessible media systems give power of speech to people. Moreover, they straightforwardly assess contenders and political groups throughout elections, notify policy arguments in parliaments, probe dishonesty and fraudulence in addition to regarding public representatives answerable, empower democratic authority and expedite more operational progress. According to Benjamin Franklin-------one of the instituting fathers of the US, ‘Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech’ As a matter of fact, the press puts forth a much bigger influence on the lives of individuals than they could envision. The essential part of the means of mass communications in our civilization can be exposed by the appraisal that around 98 percent of our inhabitants are exclusively dependent on the methods of mass communications for 95 percent of their data. Certainly, hi-fis, TV, and Internet sites are called up from morning to night all over the globe and maximum individuals find it tough to initiate their day without initially checking the news and the up-to-the-minute advances in newspapers, periodicals, and journals, all of which deliver material about learning, contemporary affairs, economics, science, sports, and meteorological conditions. The press, unquestionably, performs a significant role in the lives of folks but only some people appreciate the worth of it in a free civilisation.