My pleasing memory was during my 11th birthday. the start was a horrible once i had left for school it started pouring heavily and the same day i had a party organized I was scared and thought no one would turn up. when i asked them if the would come they were pretty doubtful. i felt miserable. my mom had already paid the organizer and i was eventually scared and felt more miserable. i left for home after school. my mom got dressed when i reached home and told me to get ready. i did not tell here that it was still doubtful that my friends would turn up. when i left towards the party hall it was blackened and then the lights came back again and everyone present yelled surprise.that was the most pleasing moment in my life.
My pleasing moment in is that i anchored my farewell without being selected till the last minute.And i was so exicted that i anchored along with my best friend and that too with a lot of objection from  english sir who wanted his class student to host the event.But later my class social mam and biology mam told to our english sir we will do it better than the one he proposed.With reversing all his thought we made the event a grand success with our spell.