This is a Question for ASL of CBSE Class XI....I need some points of the below qn:
Your brother is part of school's Hockey team and its best player.His friend is also part of the team but he tries to keep your brother out of practice section and tournaments. Your brother is hurt but don't wan't to offend his friend.Discuss this with your partner.



Your brother is a nice boy . he dont want to fight with his friends . he is a friendly boy .
if his frieds are doing that they should leave the team as your brother is best player . if he will not be in that team his school will fail . and not win many time .

sry i am of 6 th so i know this much only
very good answer archita...i also thought of writing this
This is the answer......

i would ask his friend not to seprate him from the hockey team.i would ask my brother to adjust his friend and advise him not to dominate