Frnd 1-   hi frnd2
frnd 2-   hi. I was coming to meet  you.
frnd 1-   why? what happened?
frnd 2-   Our session is coming to end and we will go to next class in a couple                                  o f  month . Dont you think we should celebrate?
frnd 1-   Yes we should. but i am thinking of something else ? 
frnd 2-   Something else ? 
frnd 1-   Every year we go to a different class and buy new notebooks and                                       textbooks and discard the old . So i am planning to collect those and                                   donate it to the needy persons. 
frnd 2-   yes we should  we will help somebody by doing this.
frnd 1-   I will put a notice  for the donation drive so that we can collect more                                      books 
frnd 2-   I will tell my other friends about this

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Thanks for answering my question