A scam in that they promise a lifetime update, then make it impossible to download updated maps to your Garmin device.

For example, I bought my Nuvi 1300T this last July since my Nuvi 260W was stolen. The 1300T offered lifetime updates.

I went to the Garmin site, downloaded the Lifetime Updater software and then tried to download the new map info (2012.3) for the Lower 48 states and it goes into "Preparing Files to Download" but never gets past that.

I'm now trying it on the second computer after 4-5 failures on my work PC. Eventually on that PC, I would get an error message: "Lifetime Updater had an error and had to stop; contact Garmin Customer Service if the problem persists" (or words to that effect).

Now, I'm beginning to feel that the "Lifetime Updates" was nothing more than a scam. Yea, they offer "lifetime updates", it's just that the download process errors out and makes it impossible.

Any thoughts or ideas?
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