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The  environment  is  a  responsibiliy  of  everyone.The  government  plays  a  key  role  in  maintaining  it.The  govt.   should  enforce  laws  to  prevent  the  environment  from  being  polluted.They  should  also  organise  programs  or  evens  in  which  one     can   clean  the  environment.The  govt.  should  also  protect  the  forests  and  the  animals  living  in  it.Forests  are  an  important  part  of   the  environment.Carelessness  of  the  people  in  using  the  environment  properly  has  resulted  in  many  drastic  consequences  like  different  types  of  pollution  and   global  warming.The  govt.  should  also  ask  the  people  to  follow  some  basic  principles  to  be  eco-friendly.Without  a  good  environment  life  would  become  extremely  difficult.The  citizen  and  the  government  should  contribute  to   protect  the  environment.
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Saving Environment is the need of today, the way we are destroying environment will lead to the destruction of life from this earth. Therefore, it’s necessary that we should Save Environment and everyone should contribute and should do something to save Environment.
slogan - we are born to help the world not to destroy it, then y we are destroying the environment ??
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