Disaster Management It is the discipline of dealing with and avoiding risks. In general it is the continuous process by which all individuals, groups and communities manage hazards in an effort to avoid or minimize the impact of the disasters resulting from the hazards. It is almost impossible to fully control the damage caused by the disaster, but it is possible to minimize to some extent by these ways- (1) By early warning given by MET. department through radio, TV. (2) The police control room , fire control officers , the near by RED-cross office and other rescue teams should be informed. (3) Spread awareness about disasters and tips to handle them. (4) Space technology plays a very important role in efficient mitigation of disasters. (5) Major loss of life and property can be avoided with carefull planning along with and effective warning and evacuation procedure. (6)We should cooperate with the rescue teams. It is our moral and social duty that we should help in arranging relief camps for those who have suffered
Disasters is like an natural phenomenon. It cannot be controlled fully but partially. To control disasters we must to note one important thing that we must to behave better with nature. Take an example like- If we cut trees what will happens,........the carbon dioxide will increase there will problem to inhale and people will face problem. I think you also know that by deforestation temp. will also increase and glaciers will get melting down which cause flood. So, I guess you understand.