Your friend has hearing disability she is teased by her classmates and she is hurt and annoyed by their behaviour. you feel that the matter has to be addressed before it became a serious issue and affect her deeply. discuss with your partner.
Q1- how can you help your friend?
Q2- how you should addressed the matter?



1. we should tell her anything that will convince her. and we should advice her not to take care of them.
2.we should scold those guys and tell them about the deffects.
or we can teach a lesson about their rude behavior
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1. You should console her by saying things like  a) ur hearing disability is a gift from god bcoz of that she is not affected to noise pollution.
b) she may be peace all the time...
 2. you can make the person who teased her to understand that they are also their classmates...and it is wrong

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