There is a task and i want to find answer
Task was :-Every year you and your classmates discard notebook textbook that are unused or in good condition you plan to collect and donate so they can be reused
Discussed with another

How would you like to implement your ideas and what challenges you are likely to faced

Follow up question :-

Q.1 Do you think it will be easy to?
Q.2 Do you think the options you will suggested will be effective ?Why /Why not .

Q.3 How do you think others may respond to your idea?
Q.4 Do you think teachers and parents can help you?
Q.5 What role could other can play?
Q.6 What does can help you to find solution?
Q.7 What can be motivate student to?
Q.8 Will it be easy to find solution?
Q.9 How will you overcome the challenge of_________?
Q.10 Why is it important to__________?

i want all answers.

is 9 question is incomplete?


1.may be.because we can give the books to the poor students. and if we can reuse them it would be very helpful to parents.

4..  yes . because they will discuss this matter with their friends and may convice their children to take those books
3. they may be inspired or they may think it would be useless by taking teared books
2. yes. because some parents may feel that they could save money by taking these books
5. collecting or spreading the information
6. they may give the books within their relations or ask books within their relations.
7. by making them to know about the advantages of this.

8.of course not trees/ protect environment

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