It should be first collected by the muncipal cooperation of the city.And to revive the situation back the people of the locality should be vaccinated as the unhygienic conditions may cause disesae. An awareness must be created among the people about the proper disposal of waste.
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I would aware every one the problem faced by the stray animals like cows dogs and other animals that reside near by. I would even bring the municipal workers attention towards it so that they can clean that and make the place clean. I would even try to educate the people who are trying to litter the garbage. I would even try to help and let others also to clean it because if it wont be cleaned and neglected then the problems faced would become more and more and then we have to face many problems. I would even educate every one so that they can even see through that every one is trying to keep the place cleanliness every where in the locality but not only in one place.
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