We are very lucky to live in this century because we grew up in a world of electronics. We can use sites, explore the web and Internet, and chat with friends without meeting them face-to-face! Now, there may be downsides to that. We are now not as chatty as before. We text more. Car crashes are main causes of that.

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We are seriously very lucky for being born in this century or 21st century. As there are many good reasons -now there are many good means of transport
                               now there is no need of writing letters and for waiting for months                                     when letter will be delivered and when we will get reply now we can                                   get reply in a second on computer ,mobiles etc. by many sites.
                              good education 
                             good jobs
                              from the knowledge of science many good facilities like -AC                                           ,computer ,mobile ,tab ,laptop etc.
                               and many many many more good facilities that are uncountable.
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