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A person who is conscious of its duties and rights in our society is a good citizen. He knows that the group with which he is linked to a relationship, is a member. He knows that he must live in harmony with other members of society. A society cannot do without man line. He alone cannot. He must live with his fellow human beings. But we live in a society where there is collaboration with other members of society. When you live in a society, you take care of other people. There are certain limits that you have to accept the conventions of society. Also, care should be taken that these restrictions and limits are for the betterment of society and welfare.   The best work of a good citizen is to meet their social obligations. He is always concerned about the interests of society and state. I think the most important thing a person can do for society should live an honest life. Every person's life is very busy today, everyone is busy in their lives. And it is almost impossible for others to do something that we should be careful about our dealings with others and if we cannot help others, at least we should not act harmful to others. We must respect each other's views, I live and let live is a better idea.   In addition to the usual duties, the person is required to perform certain duties. India's Article 51A. In these fundamental duties is called duty. Duty listed in Article are as follows:   Legends which were the basis of our national freedom to follow their ideals to respect the constitution and its institutions, national flag and national anthem should respect the linguistic, religious and regional or sectional diversities despite peace and brotherhood among all citizens should spread the message of the dignity of women must stop practices related to the loss of sovereignty and the defense and promotion of the unity and integrity of India for the protection of public property to avoid violence and respect to preserve the rich heritage of Indian culture in all areas of individual and collective action to improve the nation to new heights of achievement contribute towards a sense of inquiry and reform, to develop a scientific approach and a sense of humanity to defend the country in times of crisis forests, lakes, rivers and wildlife of India to protect the natural environment and a compassionate attitude towards animals must   A citizen of the country must not only claim for rights and private rights should be taken away JAT, but should perform their duties towards the nation. A person who does it properly perform its duties under any law has the right to enforce rights.
India is a democratic country.Indians are given some fundamental rights by the constitution of India.The fundamental rights are :

* Right to equality-this means that all Indian would have equal opportunities and laws will apply equally on everyone irrespective of their caste , sex , religion , wealth , race etc.

* Right to freedom of religion- This means that we all have the right to follow the religion of our choice.

* Right to education- This means that we all have the right to go to school and be educated.

* Right to freedom of speech- This means that we can express our views without any obstructions.

* Right against exploitation - This means that no one can exploit us , cannot force us to do any work.

* Right to life - This means that we have right to certain neccessary things like water,air,clean environment etc.

These were some of the right of Indian citizens.We all are provided these rights irrespective of our religion and gender.

We have many responsibilities towards our country.India is nothing but an empty piece of land.We , the Indians make it a beautiful and lively country.some of the responsibilities of Indians are:

* Cleanliness - We should keep our country neat and clean.We should not through wastes here and there as if we do so ,India will soon lose its beauty.We should not pollute the environment.

Reforestation - We should plants more and more trees.This will help retain the greenery of our country and make it look more clean.

* Contribution - We should contribute as much as possible.By contribution , I mean helping the county to become more advanced by working for it.

* Loyalty - The citizens of India should be loyal to their country and not sell inner information and commodities of India illegally.

These are some of the important responsibilities of citizens of India.
If all of us do our duties properly , then soon India will become the best country in the world.The government is trying their best to improve the condition of India and they are being successful in doing so.