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The India of my Dreams
(Told as a conversation between a young patriot and Mother India)

Young Patriot:
“India, my dear India, 
Is this you India, who I see threadbare,
 Shivering in the cold, with nary warm cloth to wear? 
India my love, how can I, a mere citizen,
 Unbind you from your century old prison?
 To make true my dream, of you my India?” 

Mother India:
“Worry not my dear son for I, India 
Will soon be ascendant, I know it’s true. 
For I hold you dear in my heart too, 
As would a mother to her child, 
But heed my advice, and do abide, 
And dream you must, of a glorious India.” 

Young Patriot:
“I did dream of you my mother, 
I dreamt you were once again the golden bird of the east, 
Where every man, woman and child had their fill in a feast, 
With brotherhood for all and respect for others aplenty, 
And where all the children are well read and healthy. 
Thus as I dreamt, I heard your soothing lullaby, India my mother.” 

I woke up ay the crack of dawn the next day,
To realize that my dream was now my goal,
Because henceforth would I give my effort whole,
Into making the India of my dreams a reality.
An India leading the world n the 21st century.
Onto this objective shall I work, day after day after day.