Many students in your class and school throw their books and notebooks without any consideration after the final examination. some of these books are in rather good condition and can be used by any one. what problems do you think this could cause? what should your reaction be?



You should go and tell that person not to throw their books like that. There are many people who cannot study....they do not have books with them. Or they  can even give it in charity to poor people. Books are of great use. They give us great knowledge. Without books no one can study or got education. There are may people who can read or want to read but do not have book. You help those people by giving these books to them if you do not need it. It is at least better than throwing these books. 
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Books are the education of life we should not throw our or classmates books here and there because it will give us knowledge to become pass in exam or in interviews and if you even see this in your life plz tell them not to throw books As we all know India is poor country and there are many children we want to study but they can not study because of money
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