We should make our India a clean and green India. We should try and clean our surroundings. If we see anything fallen down , though we did not do that, we should pick it up and throw it  inside the dustbin and if we see anyone simply littering and making the place dirty we should go and tell that person to pick it up and do not dirty the area. If there are no dustbins in your area you should inform and tell them to keep dustbins as fast as possible. No matter what we should keep our India a clean and green place.
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For a sustainable tomorrow, the need of the hour is to embed the habit of cleanliness in our behaviour. This is a programme for schools, colleges and communities towards cleaner and greener cities. It ensures that the students and youth who are the decision makers of tomorrow, become champions of greenery and cleanliness. They lead by example to make their city healthy and green. The aim is to increase the city’s green cover and micro manage waste for institutions by instilling behavioural changes in children, young students and professional.
Students take up greening of the surrounding area and care for planted trees. Every sapling is planted outside the campus in a prescribed area will be cared for by its parent. The parents will be responsible for the trees and the Tree Ambassadors and Tree Doctors will supervise the monitoring in their prescribed areas. Every tree will have a tree guard and a label which will contain the name of the species, the serial number and the parent’s information so the individual feels responsible for the tree. The institution is awarded a plaque and the students, parents, Ambassadors and Doctors are given badges and certificates. Felicitation will be done at a CLEAN-India Investiture Ceremony.