Your brother is a part of a school hockey team and is it's best player his friend is also a part of team but he trys to keep your brother out of practice session and tournament your brother is a hurt but does not want to offend his friend what could you do help your brother? what step you would suggest to help to resolve the issue



Such questions are made for enhancing your creative writing skills and so, you should attempt them on your own. However, here are a few points that will help you frame your answer.

- In your first few dialogues, explain your partner the situation of your brother. 
- Either you or your brother should talk this out with that student who bullies (that why is the friend behaving this way?)
 - If he still persists to bully your brother, you can complain to the coach of the team (or the principal). 
- Make your brother understand that it is necessary to talk to his friend.

Hope this helps:)
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