Hey i cant it as essay but i can write a letter which i wrote to my friend
dear ,ur friend 
                  the news of ur failure came tp me like bolt frm the blue .i know iys a great blow to ur good academic carrer and reputation. dont brood over the matter. just hope for the best
                 failure are the pillars of success , you know well ,but everyone who knows you knws that while taking examinations you were fighting to death itself . i really admire your courage and patience with which you not only managed to overcome  the relapse to jaundice but also managed to appear exams . 
                  you are not to be blame fr this failure and i am sure as a person as throughly optimist as you are,dont feel discourage or run is the first and the foremost requirment for any success in life .and now that you have recovered from long illness i am sure you will succeed . dont feel disappointed.
                  so be up and doing from today with an oath to succeed and you will surely come out sucessful with flying colours . with my best wishes to you and best regards to uncle and aunt . 
                                                                                             Yours Loving friend,
pls tell me is this helpful or not ??