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My bestie is someone really special who has entered my life. I call her by many names, like; ruddu,roxy,rajputani,billi. Even though she calls me just "Maddy". Bcause she is well aware about the fact that I am totally mad for her. I need a mirror while singing, and her eyes are the perfect mirror for me. She says that I am her little Sister, and she is my elder sister. I like to be her sister. Once she said that her happiness begins with "M", I told my life begins with "R". I love her more than I love myself, I trust her more than I trust myself. She is a teacher, a mentor, a tutor, a coach, an instructor, a councillor,of mine last but not least she's my sister. Though we don't have blood relation, we were not born in one family, we have different cultures, we belong to different states, but I believe that we have true bonding. Bonding plays important role not culture or family. Family is not about blood, family is about people who know to stand for each other both in good and bad times!.....lastly I would like say her name is"RUDRANI".....!
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