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Nature of a person holds a very important factor in the development of the society or country. How a person responds or reacts towards a particular situation comes up with an impact on the society, and that impact effect the society whether directly or indirectly. A positive response comes up with improvement and change and a negative response with can come as a disaster. So, it is very important that a person should be well being and than only can bring about a change in the society.

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The welfare of my society Depends on my well-being
  We all know that our welfare is not possible without the proper management of the society. The same way, our society’s welfare depends on our well-being. After all, we all are members of the society and making it a better place is up to our actions and decisions. If we all contribute towards each other’s welfare, the society will itself become a better place to live slowly but steadily. There was a time when every citizen used to realize their responsibilities which led to a well-managed society. Unfortunately, the good days are gone and today, no one even wants to contribute to the smallest of aspects that can possibly lead to a better atmosphere. Some people don’t even bother to stop and look what their society has come to. This clearly shows the irresponsible, arrogant, ruthless attitude of citizens towards their society. The result of all this is clearly seen as corruption, poverty, neglection of traffic rules and uncleanliness, and for all this each and every citizen is to be blamed. A well-developed society cannot be imagined without good infrastructure, responsible citizenship and dedicated and effective government, and these factors are not possible without the individual contribution of every member of the society. If all of us try to take care of the society, then the development of the society will be more effective towards the economy, infrastructure and all the other aspects that are yet to be developed.
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