21.08.2014 (Sunday)
Hello my dear partner! There is something very exciting to share with you today..Since, today is a holiday for us, I and my fab friends, Smera , Sunaina and Jenny have planned to meet at the beach in the eve nearly around 4pm. Just as we planned, all of us reached the spot in time.As soon as we reached there, we rushed towards the beautiful water waves and began to enjoy ourselves! Just then, it started drizzling slightly...This added much more happiness to our fun...But gradually, the tender drizzles turned a bit stronger that very soon it started raining cats and dogs! But this didn't stir the fun, we were having then...We were dancing...singing...running behind each other...and had lots of fun! Even others who were taking shade under the shops, were filled with joy looking at us and later they too joined our fun..! We all enjoyed a lot together! Within an hour the excitement of the rain came down and all of us got dispersed again.We, four friends returned back to our homes after enjoying a cup of hot coffee at the cafe.But on my way to home it started to rain once again...Even now, its raining...As soon as I had my dinner, I came here just to share with you all these wonderful rainy moments..All thanks to the gorgeous rain for making my day fabulous! I'm off to sleep now...See you tomorrow..Good Bye.

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