It is said that "whatever happens , happens for good".....In the same way the rule of British over OUR INDIA kind of helped us.
-- well we should thank them cause without their entry u wouldn't have had any chance of asking this question in english!
--they sure did loot India but knowledge is India's true tresaure.
--It is because of their entry that many of our historians hunted for true INDIAN wealth of INDIA'S past.
--well INDIAN national congress was established in order to seek independence
--frankly don't u think gandhiji is known only because of the entry of british?
--and intercontinental relationship was also improved aftre their entry
--if u think deeply then whose face would've been on the currence notes of India??
--the idea of surveying the physical land of India was also because of them
--INA would have not been if there was no british
--frankly we wouldn't have not studied about any boring history /civics subject without british
--we would've still been under stupid nawabs or kings if bristish never interupted.
......there is more.....ask me if u r interested to know more...

But plz don't ever think that we r indebted to those ruthless killers.
WE ARE INDIANS..and please be PROUD in be an INDIANĀ