Q2) How many biosphere reserves in India are a part of World Network of Biosphere Reserves? Find the ratio in the lowest form and represent it on number line (ratio of Biosphere Reserves in India that are the part of World Network to the total Biosphere Reserves in India)? 3. Draw a table of the number of animals you see daily in a week. Find the percentage of the animal seen maximum number of times? 4. Write the names of trees you see in your locality. Which tree was seen the least number of times? How many times do you see it? 5. Value based questions: Q1) Write 3 challenges faced by wildlife today? What can you do to save this forest life? Q2) Write 3 tribes of India living in forests? How do they enrich our culture?




Nilgiri (2000)Gulf of Mannar (2001)Sunderban (2001)Nanda Devi (2004)Nokrek (2009)Pachmarhi (2009)Similipal (2009)Achanakmar-Amarkantak Biosphere Reserve (2012)Nicobar Islands (2013)