Yes that was actually ryt!!
what comforts a modern child is experiencing at school is way  far better than what his/her parents faced...
this is widely just because of parental love !! a parent feels that his/her child must not face the discomfort he went through in his life at school.. or maybe he/she wants to give her daughter/son the best schooling life eventhough they had a great one..
as a matter of ahange the shcools established in this age is also giving many comforts for a child also the fee is more though but this is a great chance for the child to go through a nice,luxurious and a peaceful schooling..
when we go to our parents age for few there may not have been best school facilities or the school they have studied was not the best BUT this may not be the same for all our parents
so the factorthat is purely responsible for the comforts the child has at school is purely the ammenities the school hasd and in addition how much the school safegaurds the childs interests!!!
thank you!!