2 people come from Paris to big mansion in Mumbai. they were one day seeing conjuring at 3.00 am . suddenly they saw in the paper and they saw an astonishing thing. so they put the TV off ,took the paper and rushed to bedroom and locked the door and sat. in the paper it read that the conjuring is a real life story and when saw the evil time in the TV in the movie was 3.00 as such as now. and in conjuring it is a big mansion such as theirs. now so scared they wanted to leave the house. soon as they left the house they went to hotel andb stayed. next day they saw in the paper that 2 people has been found out dead and they r 2 foreigners who came from Paris. they told that how is this possible. how did they know we were already dead!!!

Child: Mom. Does she needs two tickets?

As the child points at a huge lady in front, occupying two seats, in a gloomy looking train carriage. The mom, look around, she notices that other people is looking at her waiting on how she will respond as she thinks of possible words that will not offend the big lady seating in front. She gasps and inhales as deep as she can.

Mom: Every human being has rights to be free,
to be comfortable on a journey,
to eat the amount of food that he or she wants
And to bear babies in her tummy.
It doesn’t require extra ticket.

Child: But her luggage bag is as big as me