A house is what is made up of bricks,cement as its contents and cupboards bookshelves kitchenware etc as its members. But a home is what is made up of father, mother, brother, sister as its members and love , care etc. As its constructing contents
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A house and a home - Two words with very different meanings. Most of the time, their meaning is regarded the same. If you have a house, you have a home, that’s what people think. But this is a false statement. A house is nothing but a material thing, something that can protect us from the scorching sun or a terrible storm. People believe that the bigger their house is, the wealthier they are and the happier the home is.
A home is totally different. A home is where your true happiness lies, a sacred sanctuary where your role joy resides. The comfort and happiness doesn’t mean that you have a big house, the happiness lies in the family that lives in the house. If you are happy, you are home. Maybe that is the reason why they say “Home is where the heart is”.
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