You observe that many of the students in your class and school throw /discard their books and notebook without consideration after the final examination. some of these books and notebooks are rather good condition and can be used by anyone. discuss with your partner.



yeah,the books can be given to the students who could not afford to buy these instead of just throwing,if they are not willing at least  they can give it to their relatives.the students can donate the books to the library which are not in the state of buying new books.they can also donate the books to orpanage for the orpan children to study.

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Discarding or throwing your old books is not a good thing. The best way to utilise them is that you can give your old books to someone needy like donating in an orphanage or a school running for poor children only as this can help them a lot as many of them are not able to afford the study material. After your examinations just make a stack of your old books at one place and whenever you get time donate them and if some are of use then always prefer to keep it with yourself. So always try to make a wise decision. So suggest the same to other students too.
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