Officially, ‘Children’ is that section of the population aged below 14 years. Children are the country’s future because they have a longer life span before them than adults. They are the future workforce, and hence deserve special attention and care. If they are given a good education and a good brought-up(good manners and habits), we will have a bright future population and naturally, a bright future.
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the complete speech but you may elaborate on it.
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Prabuddha ur not allowed to copy
Well, I didn't copy(well at least in legal terms). I just copied it from the ppt I had made on the same topic.
Rld. we are the children. we are the ones who make a brighter day. I'm sure, all of you present here, must have heard these lines coming out of michael jackson's mouth. and most of us love this song too. but how many of us can actually understand the meaning ? Good morning! Today, I (ur name) am going to talk about us as the future of our nation. Not only our nation, but children are the future of every nation across the world. it is today's generation which can go ahead and make the world a better place. we can learn, we can make others learn. all in all, we are the ones who can change the world if we want. we are the ones filled with enthusiasm of doing something for the country. and it only lies within our will power, that we can do wonders.we children can even teach our elders when it comes to doing something for the nation. with our will power strong and goals clear, we can defeat the greatest of people who can't make our country a better place. if we all come together and decide to do something, I'm sure that there is no one who can stop us. no one has the power to. so my friends, let us all heal the world and make it a better place. let us all take an oath that we will strive to do anything for our nation and won't be afraid of anything that comes in our way, as we are the children. and children are the future of our nation.
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