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A hobby is something that we do in our free time. Hobbies differ from person to person according to their taste. Some go for photography, some collect stamp or some go for gardening.
I follow painting as my hobby. My parents spotted my talent for drawing and coloring when i was very young and they had encouraged me in my chosen hobby.
At first I started with pencil colors and crayons. When i grew better with those i moves on to water color painting. Now my new passion is painting with oil colors.
When I am painting I forget the world. I usually paint landscapes and sea-scapes but sometimes i paint portraits of people too.
Everyone praises my painting and I feel very good when I hear them. I have also won many prizes in various competitions. But i feel i could have achieved this much without my parents support.
I am very thankful to them. And I wish everyone would have a hobby of her own that will keep her mind fresh and be creative at the same time. 
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Every indiidual has their own favorite hobby, whih he or she spent time with in thier free time, like playing games, watching tv, listening music, painting and etc etc...

to write about your favourite hobby, you can start with your favourite past time which you do in your free time... you can write about your interest and the reason of your hobby, and even you can share why ould you like your hobby, and when do you basically spend your free time.... you can write about the advantages of your hobby, and give a brief description about it... and finally the conclusion....
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