You visit a place of historical importance with your friends and come across people who scribble their names and messages on the walls of the monuments.

you feel this act not only showed people's indifference for their culture but also reduced the beauty of the monuments. Discuss with your partner: 1)what other problems do you think this would cause?

2)How would your reaction be?.....

there are 8 more questions

this for ASL CBSE prompts plzzzzz.......

plz i want instant answers cuz i have my ASL should other people react to something like this?



This can reduce tourism in our country. It will also create a negative image in the mind of foreign tourist.

First of all I will try to stop them. I will explain them that how they are destroying the beauty of the beautiful monuments. I they will not do as I said I will call the police.

Other people should also stop such kind of people. If all they people raise voice against it then there will be no one who will dare to scribble on the monuments.