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1.There is no real progress in evolution.The only progressive trend in evolution is that more and more complex body designs emerged over a period of time.we cannot say that new designs are always better than old designs.some old designs can still survive better than the new designs.for example bacteria which is the oldest and most simplest forms can survive in the mosh harsh habitats.
2.mendel crossfertilized  pure tall and pure dwarf pea plants to obtain f1 generation.In f1 generation all the plants were tall.Then he crossfertilized f1 generation plants and obtain f2 generation.In f2 generation 75% were tall and 25% were dwarf.This show that gene for tallness is dominant over the dwarfness.In f1 generation the gene for tall supressed the gene for dwarf that's why in f1 generation all the plants were tall.
3.evolution and classification are interlinked.The more characteristics two species have in common,more they are closely related.The more number of characters they have in commom,more chance they have a common ancestor.
4.Speciation is the development of new organism from already existing ones by reproductive isolation,natural selection,gene flow.
5.The transmission of characters from parents to offspring is called heredity.
6.DNA is a molecule that carries most of the genetic instructions used in the development, functioning and reproduction of all known living organisms.
7.Evolution resulting from small specific genetic changes that can lead to a new sub species is called micro evolution.
8.Gene is a part of DNA that encodes the instructions that allow a cell to produce a specific enzyme.

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