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Continuation of life starts from cells either those of the general body or the gametes. . Cells arises from the pre-existing cells through cell division. The characters of the parents are inherited through chromosomes which participate in the cell division. In cell division, the cell divides into two halves with equal number of chromosomes which are similar to parent cell and are diploid in nature all the somatic organs of our body are built through this division, called mitosis. Meiosis helps to maintain the same number chromosomes in daughter cells and inheriting characters in the gametes. Thus from zygote to the complete body formation cell division play very important role which results in perpetuation of life. Hence, we have to really appreciate the role of cell division in the contribution of life on the earth.
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1.From the smallest micro organisms like bacteria to advanced and complex        organisms like humans cell division is very important for the continuation of 
   the races
2.Life on earth would vanish without cell division.
3.Organisms are able to reproduce and continue their races due to the
   wonderful mechanism of Cell division
4.It  is a wonderful mechanism where the traits of the parent cells are carried    to the daughter cells
5. The no.of chromosomes are maintained and the duplication of DNA are all 
   useful in carrying similar traits to the offsprings
6.Mitotic cell division helps in repairing of damaged cells
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