My favorite movie is rangitaranga
The movie definitely lived up to the hype. Brilliant, it was just brilliant! Acting, story, screenplay, music, scenery, and most importantly, the mystery - everything helped in making it a gripping movie that kept us at the edge of our seats throughout.

When the movie reaches the climax, and you get a hang of everything, you can almost hear that collective sigh of relief from everyone - for the mystery, that kept everyone speculate among each other for more than two hours, that was finally revealed, and for the happy realization that the money paid for the movie was pretty  worth it. 

Could have shortened the movie a little bit, and this is possibly the only thing one would find, if they dig deep to find a negative about the film.
The seventeen year-old Hazel Grace has lung cancer and needs to carry everywhere an oxygen tank. Her mother Frannie encourages her to go to a cancer support group against her will. However, when Hazel meets the eighteen year-old Gus, who lost part of one leg with cancer but apparently is cured, they fall in love with each other. Hazel introduces her favorite novel to Gus and tells that she dreamed on having a conversation with the author, Van Houten, who lives in Amsterdam. Gus contacts him and Van Houten invites them to visit him in Amsterdam. They travel to Netherlands with Frannie where Hazel will learn that things are not like they seem to be.