Os stand for Operating System.An Operating System is a link between user and hardware.Without Operating System our computer system is like a waste material.
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why Windows are khown as GUI Operating System? ?
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(1) Operating System Manages all the Resources those are Attached to the System means all the Resource like Memory and Processor and all the Input output Devices those are Attached to the System are Known as the Resources of the Computer System.

Operating System also Controls the all the Storage Operations means how the data or files will be Stored into the computers and how the Files will be Accessed by the users etc.

The Operating System also Treats the Process Management means all the Processes those are given by the user or the Process those are System ‘s own Process are Handled by the Operating System .

Operating System also Manages the Memory of the Computer System means Provide the Memory to the Process and Also Deallocate the Memory from the Process.
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