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My family is a joint family which includes my parents, grandparents, uncle, aunty and we two kids. My father is the eldest of the three siblings. My uncle is working and my aunt is still in college. Our house is fun. There is always laughter, shouting, fight etc. The only time when the house is quiet is at night when all are asleep. The best thing about our family is that we never feel lonely. We all take care each other in one way or the other. Early in the morning it is my duty to search for my grandpa’s spectacles to read the newspaper. He drops us to school every day. My grandmother tells us lovely stories at night which usually ends with the moral. My mother and my grandmother share the kitchen work as my mother is working. My uncle loves me a lot. He brings lots of chocolates and my father shouts at him for wasting his money. My aunt is naughty; she readily opens the fridge and eats the chocolates without my permission. But I forgive her as she is the one who helps me with her homework and I help my younger sister with her homework. I learn values like sharing, patience, kindness and above all how to love everybody.
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