My father, born in 1987, in andhra pradesh, used to tell us the struggle story and the hardships the Indians had to go through.
Things were as follows:
Life was not simple as we have today. The resources and opportunities were scarce and scant.Participation in freedom struggle was adventurous. Imagine each citizen for a cause.Farmers in my hometown were forced to sow Indigo. So, no crops, no food; hence the famine.Disgusted from the rampant corruption in present Indian system, he often praised the British Raj who were very direct in punishing people on the spot.Education was not easy to get for lower class people. That was the time when my great grandfather assembled a primary school for the village children.People were more united than now. I think that was because they had a common enemy.Now  children are becoming more stylish than elders
costly dresses , pencil cut jeans , torn jeans etc..
tight shirts and fashionable t shirts 
good , attractive , costly accessories 
and they are also becoming so lazy for performing any if the work
they are also busy in tablets , laptops, i pods , i pads , facebook , instagram , twitter 
this is the life of the children after independence